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Rebecca Poulson


Rebecca Poulson


Rebecca Poulson


About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I build things and tell stories.

I'm currently a Software Developer at Kickstarter, where I get to build tools to help creative people bring their projects to life!

My Favorite Tools...

Things I grok:

Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Balsamiq, Git, Improvisation, Reposado Tequila

I'm playing around with Openframeworks, Processing and Arduino and am excited to learn more!


Places I've Made Things...

My experience includes:

Comedy Hack Day, Tribeca Hacks: Hardware, The Atlantic Theater Company, Nerdette Podcast, Rattlestick Playwright's Theater, Raines Law Room, Women's Project Theater, Irish Arts Center


Places I've Learned Things...

I've studied at:

The Flatiron School, Code Liberation, ESPA at Primary Stages, The University of Michigan, The Second City, iO Chicago


The Work

my portfolio

Here are some of the projects I've worked on recently. While you're at it, don't forget to stop by the Nerdette Tumblr and check out my Twitter and Github.

I'm most proud of my projects that look at everyday things from unusual perspectives.

I might write something here someday

I walked past this mural everyday for three years. Brooklyn is cool.

Contact Me!

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